Awarded the 18th Glass Bottle Award for Excellence

The Japan Glass Bottle Association held the "18th Glass Bottle Award Ceremony" in Tokyo and announced 9 award-winning products, including the highest award. The award ceremony was held for the first time in three years.

“The peonies and lions drawn on the curved surface are similar in color and texture to the image of a lacquered multi-tiered box. The cover is also very particular, and it is a product that will be appreciated as a gift.”

About the glass bottle award

The Glass Bottle Awards are sponsored by the Japan Glass Bottle Association and represent the industry. Glass bottle products released during the year (December 2021 to December 2022) will be judged and announced from various perspectives such as "design", "function" and "environment". From the viewpoint of "preservation containers that are well-suited for storage", we capture the trends of the times and changes in consumer lifestyles, and hold the event as a "place" or "machine" that expresses the trends of the world through glass bottles (Japan Glass Bottle Association WEB Excerpt from the site)