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Kura Master 2022
Platinum Award Winner

Kura Master won the platinum prize in the variation shochu category in 2022 at a sake contest for French people held in French regions since 2017.


What is Kura Master

Kura Master is a sake competition for French people held in France since 2017. The judges are mainly French people from Europe, including MOF holders who certify the qualifications of the best craftsmen in France, top sommeliers, barmen, curbists of first-class hotels in France, restaurants, hotels, and cooking schools. It consists of professionals in the food and beverage industry such as Last year, 1,110 brands of sake were exhibited, the highest number ever. In addition, from 2021, a new authentic shochu and awamori contest will be established, and the scope of examination will be expanded, with 193 brands entered in 2022. There are various competitions for Japanese sake around the world, but Kura Master focuses on the ``compatibility of food and drink'', which is also part of the historical food culture of France. Through competitions, tastings, and various events, we will create opportunities to experience the marriage of food and drinks, and provide a place to appeal to the European market, including France, for sake, authentic shochu, and awamori. In addition, in order to conduct fair and impartial judging, sommeliers and other judges have been conducting sake culture training trips every year since 2017 with the aim of learning deeply about sake and gaining the knowledge to properly convey sake themselves. In the future, we are planning a training trip for the authentic shochu and awamori judges to learn about Japanese distilled spirits. In addition to visiting award-winning breweries and deepening their knowledge of the history and food culture of various parts of Japan through experiences such as sake brewing, there are also exchange meetings and seminars with people involved in restaurants, prefectures, organizations, and general consumers. We will hold it.